Event coverage

  • Cancellation of Event
  • Non-Appearance
  • Comprehensive Event covers inclusive Organizers Liability
  • Signal interruption / TV transmission covers
  • Adverse weather/Nat Cat event covers
  • Event related Political Risk covers
  • Event related General Liability covers 

Film coverage

  • Film Production covers
  • Film Producers packages
  • Film Completion Bond covers
  • Film/Entertainment related General Liability covers
  • Film/Entertainment related Workers Compensation
  • Video Games Completion Bond covers

Prize Indemnity coverage

  • Hole in One
  • Incentive awards
  • Conditional awards
  • Games of change
  • Over Redemption

Pet Insurance coverage

  • Indemnifies pet owners (e.g. cats, dogs, birds, etc.) for costs associated with veterinarian treatment due to accident or illness – after initial evidence of insurability by a veterinarian (at cost of the insured)
  • For individual/private pet owners only

Sports PA and Disability coverage 

  • Coverage for individuals
  • Coverage for teams/group of individuals

Warranty coverage

  • Extended Warranty
  • Reverse Warranty

Tailor made solutions / new Products

  • Lease enhancement/eminent domain
  • Control of natural conditions (e.g. snow removal, forest fires, etc.) for municipalities, etc.
  • Lockout covers for sport teams and/or player organizations

Individual Fine Art & Specie coverage

  • Individual collectors/collections/foundations etc.
  • International Jeweller chain of stores
  • International cash carrier companies